About Us

The Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre is managed by the Revelstoke Visual Arts Society as a not-for-profit community facility dedicated to the creation, exhibition and promotion of the visual arts. It is governed by a board of directors and is registered under the British Columbia Society Act.
Although the Centre was originally established and managed by the Revelstoke Art Group in 2003, in collaboration with the City of Revelstoke and the Revelstoke Art Council, local artists quickly realized that proper management of the facility required the formation of a separate organization whose sole purpose that would be. As a result of discussions between the Arts Council and the Art Group it was decided to form the Revelstoke Visual Arts Society in the autumn of 2003, who now operates the Centre.

The Revelstoke Visual Arts Society exists to exhibit, educate, interpret, preserve and foster the visual artistic and cultural heritage of the city, the region, the province and the nation.

The Revelstoke Visual Arts Society is grateful for the financial assistance and support from BC Gaming, Columbia Basin Trust and the City of Revelstoke.

Values Statement

In its adoption of this mission, the Board of Directors undertakes to adhere to the following values:

Community Responsibility

The Visual Arts Society interacts with the community by designing programs that inspire, challenge, educate and entertain through excellence in the visual arts.

Professional Responsibility

The Society employs curatorial expertise to conduct exhibitions of work by local and visiting artists, educational programs and public services in accordance with recognized standards of operation.
The Society works with local educational and post-secondary institutions in British Columbia, Canada and abroad to achieve its goals.
The Society strives to foment creative approaches to free artistic expression using both traditional and new media.

Fiscal Responsibility

The Society is a fiscally responsible organization whose operations and programs are conducted within the parameters of the financial and human resources available to it.

For additional information please contact Jackie Pendergast at (250) 814-0261 or via e-mail at info@revelstokevisualarts.com

RVAS Board of Directors

Ken Talbot
Bruce MacLaughlin
Margaret Pacaud
Keri Knapp
Andrew Stacey
Pauline Hunt
Tannis Rebbetoy
Donna Naprstek
Mas Matshushita - Pottery Guild Represetative
Linda Nixon - City Represetative