Clay Modeling or Ways to Develop Creativity in a Child

How to employ your active child for a while? Is it possible to find a quiet activity to engage your toddler for several hours or maybe for the whole evening? There is a solution – buy a modeling kit! All children just love molding. This activity is not only fascinating but also useful for a child. It develops fine motor skills in children and exercises a sense of shape. On top of that, this occupation will help develop language and creative thinking and will also benefit the nervous system of a child. And most importantly, kids just love the process of molding! While the child embodies his ideas with the playdough or clay, adults can attend to their own business or just relax.

Clay modeling

Clay modeling alternative

Today, there are different types of molding materials that can be used by one-year-old kids. With plasticine, it is possible to sculpt animals, figurines of favorite cartoon characters, create natural ornaments and glued parts of products. A variety of colors allows you to turn into reality any, even the most daring idea. And the final result will please any kid!

Children can mold not only with plasticine. If you want to combine the pleasure of sculpting with something useful and exciting, use the dough. It is a unique material for molding. Depending on the age and preferences of the baby, the consistency of the dough may be mild or steep. It may be sweet or salty and even painted with a natural dye. This edible material is ideal for teaching toddlers. If a baby decides to taste his creation, he can do that.

Clay modeling

Develop creativity in children

Gypsum sculpturing is no less interesting for children than plastic clay molding because molded products can be painted. At the age of 3-4 years, when the child stops trying to taste everything, you can teach him gypsum sculpturing. However, it is not advised to leave the child alone with clay, especially with gypsum. What is more, molding with clay and gypsum requires at least a little knowledge of molding technology and safety from adults. So it is necessary to get prepared for the “lesson.”

When molding with a child, be sure to explain everything. And at the end of the “lesson,” admire his work, describe the creation, and praise the baby. Children always look forward to support and encouragement from us, and your reaction is very important for them. So do not forget to praise the work of your kid.

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  1. Tell me, is it possible for an adult to go to these courses modeling clay?

  2. Very good, when children are engaged in modeling clay. It helps to remove stress, also develops creativity, perseverance.

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