Revelstoke Arts Centre

Growing with a Society of Artistic Thinkers and Doers at Revelstoke Arts Centre

Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre is a non-profit organization. It is community-based arts centre that hosts many visual exhibitions quite frequently on monthly basis. The main aim of the organization is the engage, encourage artists in the region to excel in their work of art. It also engages the community to aware the young and the adults in different forms of art. With the support and the funding from some local companies, trusts and the city of Revelstoke the art centre attracts many resident artists in the field of visual and performing arts.

There many creative arts program conducted by this organization from fundraisers events to creative arts festivals. The flourishing arts scene can be witnessed at the painting exhibitions at the Revelstoke arts centre. These exhibitions provide a great learning experience for both kids and adults.

Revelstoke Arts Centre

Exhibitions and Art festival

Apart from exhibitions and shows this centre also imparts classes to adults and kids of all ages. Most of them are fun and exciting to attend if you have been practising arts for many years or if you want to learn. What makes this art centre great that it not only provides classes for adults but something fun and exciting to learn for the kids as well. Children tend to have a lot of fun learning to explore their imaginations through art. Moreover, if a kid happens to find himself or herself in one of these art camps, he will get to interact with many other kids. When kids learn together they seem to have so much fun.

Luna – Nocturnal Art & Wonder

Apart from all the exhibitions and classes, the arts centre also started a new festival called the Luna festival which is more of a night festival. The city will have art installations by a curated list of artists, which will be displayed in various forms. It is absolutely free of cost and it will give you a great idea about the bustling art scene in the city. Be sure to walk through the city and explore the various installations from artists.

Some instructor-led classes that you can attend at the Revelstoke Centre:

  • Sculpture Art – This is a form of three-dimensional art where you will create sculptures using wires, clay, soap carving and paper caste.
  • Wax and pigment painting – create amazing paintings using coloured wax. You will also learn creative techniques like using a hot iron and other tools.
  • Acrylic painting – learn colour theory and basics of acrylic painting.
  • Drawing classes – fundamental classes to draw with pencil, charcoal conte and eraser.

Growing with the community

If you want to have a taste community living, build something with local and visiting artists at the Revelstoke Arts Centre. Just participate in one of the many local food initiatives undertaken by the community. One such example is building a Hugel kultur bed in order to grow organic food. Many locals and members of the Revelstoke arts centre take part in building what is an organic raised garden bed filled with rotten wood and other organic compost. These beds are great places for growing fruits, vegetable and herbs.

Most important of all, there is a sense of togetherness, belonging, love for each other and happiness at creating something in the society. The society strives to promote and cultivate the creative approach to artistic expression using all form of modern and traditional media. Come and take part.

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