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Revelstoke Art Gallery: Society That Enhanced The Art Development

Revelstoke is a small city in Canada (southeastern British Columbia), situated 398 mi east of Vancouver, and 258 mi west of Calgary. Googling ‘What can a tourist do in Revelstoke’, you will probably see the top 10 places to visit as covered on the TripAdvisor. Though the city is not famous for some outstanding places, it is definitely the spot to enjoy good art.

The well-known Visual Arts Gallery is a pearl of modern art in Revelstoke. Located not far from Three Valley Lake Chateau (19 km eastern) and maintained by the Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre (support of classrooms, woodworking studio, photography studio, professional pottery, library, space for painters/sculptors, etc.), it enhanced numerous exhibitions that impacted the development of art. So let’s get a few years back and review what events were held by the Revelstoke Visual Art Society.

Revelstoke Art Gallery

Origin and Aim

In 2003, the Revelstoke Art Society established the Centre itself. Since that time the Centre is a not-for-profit local facility for artists and exhibitions.

Before the Revelstoke Visual Arts Society was created (in autumn, 2003) and started to operate, the Art Group and the Arts Council had a lot of debate over the work of the Centre, its formation and purpose.

Soon after the formation of The Revelstoke Visual Arts Society, they announced the goal the Centre was established to achieve. It was created to facilitate exhibitions, educate youth and foster a cultural development of the city/region and even at the national scale.

Though the community is non-profit, it is widely supported by the City of Revelstoke, BC Gaming, Columbia Basin Trust, etc.

The Society can boast of well-recognized people playing a role in its development. The name of David F. Rooney (journalist, artist, editor of the Revelstoke Times Review and active volunteer) is closely associated with this community. He was part of the board of the Revelstoke Visual Arts Society and later the Greenbelt Society.

Famous exhibitions and cultural projects

In 2016 Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre with a collaboration of “Parks Canada” organized the ‘Art in the Park’ exhibition (on November, 4).

It was in 2008 when such an event was held for the first timeб and it has been already offered that the Glacier National Park becomes the next place for the next-year exhibition on the occasion of Canada’s 150th Anniversary.

Chloe Juwon Kim works in the Center (B.F.A in oriental painting, College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University):

2009 — “Mountains”, “Affordable Art Fair”, “Kitch and the Mundane”;

2010 — “Dreams and Fears”

2011 — “Doorways”

2012 — Art in the Park, 1st Solo show

Kelly (Tilly) C. Perry (founding members of Arnica Artist Run Centre, ex-Vice president, Events and Program Assistant at Kamloops Art Gallery) also held exhibitions in the Center:

2014 — BackYard Alley’s

2014 — In The Garden

2016 — “Pattern Play”, “Passion and Perspective”

So, it is clear that aside from celebrating the joy of art and spreading the knowledge across the world, the Society also promotes local educational and post-secondary institutions in Canada (British Columbia).

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